I was overloaded with spooky. Does anyone else ever feel like this and if so how long does it generally take to feel ready to load up again?

1. Personally I wait a full day minimum, but depending on how I respond after that day, I may just take a week off.

Once I tried starting back as soon as I felt good again (the next morning) and instantly felt bad within 15m. This was from using the black (MN) remote too long back in the beginning. That was my first major herx.

The last was from over exposure to plasma (48 hours straight) running the mold preset. That one took me 2 days to get going again, and I avoided plasma for the rest of the week. At least I could tolerate remotes after that.

Generally I take 1 week of every 6 months just to get away from it all. I probably should increase this to once every 3 months.

I guess I could have added that some times, with no herx event, you do just get that feeling it's time for a break.

Usually on those occasions I take the weekend off from everything.

2 days usually is sufficient.

2. I do. I unplug but do not have a when and how long yet. This weekend I thought 35 hours was enough. This morning I still felt overloaded. So they are still off. Will try again tonight.

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