Has anybody else measured the gauss strength of their PEMF coil when connected to the generator?

1. It is normal that the PEMF is so weak. It can output around 1 Gauss if you connect the coil over one Output OR over the "boosted" Output (no difference between it because the current stays the same). 

This mentioned 1 Gauss is calculated, not measured. (Max. current ca. 120mA, the coil has got 23 turns). If you want more strength then you can:

A) Connect both Outputs in parallel and drive the coil with the same output wave/amplitude and phase. This doubles the current and so it doubles the magnetic field.

B) Connect an Amplifier between the Output of the XM generator and the PEMF coil as shown here: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7942

C) Build yourself a coil that got more turns and/or add a ferrite core to the inside of the coil. (use a ferrite core because an iron core would reduce the max. frequency that the coil can deliver).

2. The output impedance of the generators is 50 ohms. Connecting a sub 1.5 ohm resistance coil to the output will provide 10 x (1.5 / 51.5) volts at low frequencies to the coil; less than 0.3 volts. The current flowing is 10 / 51.5; less than 0.2 amps. Total power = the product of the two, which is 0.057 watts.

You can clearly see from these simple calculations that the coils require a low-impedance driver to give any sort of power. Entrainment does not require high power levels, so it is OK for this, but for any real work, an amplifier is required.

Higher frequencies will deliver more power to the coil, as the inductive reactance rises, but this will not be detected using the needle of a compass. A nearby AM radio is better suited for this.

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