If anyone had experience treating their brain overnight using spooky central? Is it ok to use phanotron tube on your head all night?

1. Someone posted this device holding the phanotron.


2. cardboard soda holders that I cut out holes for the tube. I spread it apart or if the light is bothering me while I sleep, I bring close to deflect the flashing light. Any cardboard holder would be good. Just put at head of bed.


I have seen plasma draped overhead board and attached to a chair that was right beside the bed. Just needs to be within 6".

Near field is 6" which gives the most effective signal. After 6" it is gradually less effective up to 200 feet.

3. I have no problem with my tube next to my head when i use it for my eyes. I actually hug it like a pillow. I do have the phanotron tube with the little black cloth cover that darkens it, but I can barely see the light inside gating on and off. very nice cover. as long as you do not cover the tube with a blanket it should be okay. I am more worried with knocking it off from where it is than actually overheating.

Do what you feel comfortable with and you should be fine.

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