Can anyone recommend a good program for anxiety?

1. This is what I found in a search. You could run some of them or put them all into a Grade Program Scan to see if the body responds to any of them.


2. The earth resonance always helps me balance out. Also "emotional balance" has helped. Oh- and the emotions and sleep seems to help me stay calm, even during the day.

3. Depression and anxiety in database. Some of the Nogier are good, like Nogier G.
PTSD can make you calm, even if you haven't got PTSD.
The Schumann and solfeggio may help - especially 528.
A former moderator used to recommend Aniracetam for mood-lifting and anxiety. The MW is 219.24 and/or 219.237.

4.  Anxiety and many brain related issues, in my experience, are caused by an inability for the brain and body to get the proper nutrients out of the food. As I've mentioned before, my son was diagnosed with bipolar syndrome. It took 4 months of vitamin therapy especially the vitamin B's. I would suggest using the frequencies for the vitamins and maybe take some vitamin supplements as well. Also kill of the Candida - It has a habit of becoming systemic and overtaking the body. Candida loves Carbs and sugar and the candida steals the nutrients out of our food and feeds itself first. The vitamins feed the brain and help rebuild the frontal lobe cortex which sends out all the hormones (Seratonin, melatonin, dopamine, etc.) Anxiety is a result of your brain not sending out the these hormones in a timely fashion. The vitamins rebuild the neural pathways in your frontal lobe cortex.

5. Your frequency intervention may be at your finger tips. Personally, I use Gentle percussion, 3 to 4 taps per second, 5 to 15 taps per location. First point, where the eyebrow begins near the bridge of the nose; second point is cheek bone directly beneath either pupil; third point, patting side of ribs under arm ( middle of bra strap); fourth point, space between collar bone and rib on either side of sternum. If no relief, i brush palm down from neck and away from belly button, then repeat the above.

Sounds life EFT or a shorter version of it. Another one to use is to place your four fingers on one of your temples and your thumb of the same hand on the other temple. Don't let your hand touch your forehead. Close your eyes and focus on your problem for 1 to 2 minutes. Then remove your hand, take a deep breath, hold for about a count of five, then blow out all the air. Then see how you feel. It helps me calm down and clears my mind. Hope this helps.

For more details, please check the link:

6. I've found my anxiety is reduced by running "feel good" frequencies. I use Remote for this, and Plasma when I need an extra shot. Here are a couple of my custom recipes from the Programs tab, each set in an appropriate shell.

(1) Emotional Balance 1, Essential Oil Rose, Feel Good Overall, Serotonin (twice), Gamma Brainwave.

(2) Serotonin, Healing 1, Healing 2, Healing 3.

(3) Mood enhancing essential oils such as Basil, Benzoin and Blue Tansy etc. (research them and add the appropriate ones up to about 1.5 hours run time in an Essential Oil shell).

(4) Energy Vitality, Energy Vitality 1, Energy Vitality 2, Kundalini Expand, Adrenal Gland Balance, Minerals Phosphorus, Minerals Potassium, Planet Mars.

Also, in the "Heal" folder, the Schumann-Resonator and Kundalini ready-made presets are well-worth running.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Kevin Dupuis

    I am new to Spooky2 so I can't comment on Spooky2's protocols, but I thought I would give my advice on mental health as I have had success in this area.  6 years ago, I cured my son who was suffering from a sever case of Bi-Polar Syndrome.  After spending 16 hours a day for several months doing research, I came to the conclusion that most mental illness (bi-polar, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, postpartum depression, etc) is caused by a lack of nutrition to the brain.  The lack of nutrition is caused many times by an overgrowth of Candida (which feeds itself first and uses all the nutrition) and eating nutrition deprived food.  My suggestion would be to determine if you have a candida issue (spit glass test) and if you do, run programs to kill off the candida.  The next would be to run programs for vitamins, especially the B's (B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12) and take a look at your diet.  Are you eating a healthy diet?  I would probably also supplement with natural vitamins, but be careful. There are a lot of vitamins out there that don't actually contain vitamins at all (GNC, Wallmart, Wallgreens, Target as per studies).  We used and found that their vitamins and support were excellent.  (I do not work for TrueHope, I'm just thankful for their help in curing my son)  Hope that helps.

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