I want to experiment with using blood in the remote as a DNA source. What is the best way to do this? How often should I use new blood?

1. I use my microscope to view my blood for pathogens to try and gauge if my Frequencies are working.

I put a glass cover slip on the blood smear, and then seal it with clear fingernail polish.

Then I wait 24-48 hours before viewing.
This time is necessary for the oxygen to deplete and when that happens, I can see a greater amount of critters than if I viewed the blood smear immediately.

I learned this from a website that were researchers investigating lyme. They standardized to wait 48 hours.

The glass slide fits perfectly into the Remote slot.
I do NOT know if the clear fingernail polish is going to affect the remote transmission either positively or negatively.
I am still looking for a screaming deal on a Microscope camera and a Darkfield condenser so I can then share what I view with everyone here.

2. I also use glass microscope slide for the remote and seal the edge with paraffin. You can dip a toothpick in liquid and quickly transfer onto the slide, running along the edge. I can't see how nail polish may affect transmission in either way.

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