I am looking to help my 8 year old grandson who has severe ADD/ADHD and ODD. Dietary restrictions are already being implemented but he still has issues. Unfortunately he has been on just about all of the medications available.

1. I am only guessing but, from your post, I am guessing you haven't been to an Alternative Practitioner or one that is skilled enough to determine the true
CAUSE of these issues. 

Saying that he is on ALL the medications available, I again, am guessing the MD is GUESSING too about the cause, NOT uncommon standard of practice...Pick a drug, try it, see what happens, try a new one, if no success, keep TRYING another until.

Automechanics would be sued if they operated that way. 

MD's usually look at what drugs they can TRY on the patient, with little confidence that the drug of choice will work.

Please consider getting a ElectroDermal Scan like a ZYTO, ASYRA or one of many others to Find the Cause.

Toxic heavy metals, toxic chemicals, pathogen infection and more could be the cause.
If the child has been given the usual REQUIRED Vaccines, then they have all of those I listed as those are all adjuvants in vaccines.
Mercury alone can cause those issues. Lyme alone too.

2.Following on from John's suggestion consider Activated Charcoal detox protocol. Also consider Carbon 60 (C60) as a detoxing agent: https://www.c60purplepower.com/ 

Also consider a tissue analysis of minerals & vitamins using Iglioscan. MINERAL TESTING with Clive de Carle

Also consider Fulvic minerals: 7 Fulvic Acid Benefits & Uses: Improve Gut, Skin & Brain Health https://draxe.com/fulvic-acid/

3.Is the grandson the First Born child?
I ask because researchers, like Dr Klinghardt, comment that the first born is a dumping ground for the birth mom's own toxins.

Some how the body, releases the birth mom's cache of toxins into the baby.
So her many toxins, were are transferred to the child!
often the First born has these issues and the following children have no issues,because Mom's toxic load was less for them, thus all but eliminating the chance of genetics cause.

We are inundated with a tsunami of thousands of pesticides, fungicides, unnatural fertilizers, vaccines, EMFs, drowning.

It is NOT and accident. This assault is intentional to cull the herd. It takes only a short time to find published NWO documents describing their intent to reduce the population.
Bill Gates works furiously to achieve this.

You are visiting a forum here that is MOSTLY advocates of Alternative care. You have a long way to go to become aware that this AMA Monster is not to be trusted. They are NOT here to help us.

Let us be reminded, what is NOW called alternative, like herbs, homoeopathy, dowsing..etc, are REALLY the ORIGINAL methods of care for centuries.
Homeopathy is said to even been used by Moses!

Moses in great anger at the idolatry of his people smashed the Golden Calf. Then he pulverized it into powder, added it to water, and commanded the Israelites to drink of the solution!
Sure sounds like a Homeopathic Remedy to me.

In our long history the AMA has wrestled standards of care away from the "alternative" practitioners. Only by a small margin was Chiropractic able to win lawsuits in order to prevent their demise. Not so for the many Homeopathic Colleges that were once in the USA.

MDs are TAUGHT to only suppress symptoms and not taught to Find the Cause like the alternative practitioners work.

Big Pharma contributes to colleges huge amounts of money and THEY dictate what is taught...Use Drugs, for EVERYTHING>
In my seniors apartment, several people are on many Rxs, some as many as 19 Rxs. Even Genius Pharmacists are not wise enough to predict side effects with so many prescriptions.

4.Look into Brad Nelson's The Emotion Code. We all carry trapped emotions that we set up as protections against perceived dangers. Others, we inherit.
I have helped many people using this modality. 

The Emotion Code Book.pdf


5.This may be help for detoxing heavy metals and more but this is some strong heavy metal detox:

Liposomal Vitamin C
B-Complex 100 or 150
Would be a good start

For more details, please check the link:

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