I developed a toxic condition resulting from some antibiotics. They were in the dreaded Fluoroquinolone class (cipro, Levofloxacin etc.) I need to detox fluorine from the tissue get oxygen into the cell, repair Mitochondria, replace lost nutrients.

1. I can't help you with the Spooky2 settings, but I can recommend something. To get more oxygen into your cells, you need to drink restructured water. A simple way to make it is to stick eight NdFeB magnets onto a glass jug with spongy, double-sided tape, and then secure them with wide Scotch tape. In the photo, you can see the direction of the magnets is N-S-N-S all around, and that there is roughly equal distance between them vertically and horizontally. Fill the jug with filtered water or water with Adya Clarity, and then leave it for several hours. First thing in the morning, drink about 500cc, and wait 15-minutes or so before eating. The magnets create vortexes that break up the molecular bonds in the water, which can then pass through our cell membranes, taking oxygen with it. Water that isn’t restructured can’t enter our cells easily, and this is, apparently, the starting point of most diseases. Of course, it's good to drink restructured water all through the day, but early morning is best because our stomach is empty.

I used to use a more time-consuming way to make this water, and there are some great units out there for making it. But I think my process is OK.


2. I have heard about this effect of Cipro. We have insurance with Kaiser and they dish it out like hot cakes. They tried to give it to my daughter when she had a UTI and to my husband for his prostate biopsy every time I brought the subject up with the kaiser docs and they say that its safe!!! I feel very sympathetic for your suffering, this is awful it really requires a class action. People are being hurt on a daily basis with Cipro. 

Mentioning Steve's comment of getting oxygen in the cells - I think you need really intensive treatment. Ozone treatments could help. The Ozone to health facebook group is a wonderful resource. You can do Rectal insufflations with an ozone machine at home and/or go for a ten pass treatment of ozone at a clinic. They have a list of all the clinics in the facebook group. At the least, you could buy a simple ozone machine on amazon that ozonates water. I also use structured water. I bought Grander's board, a small board that you put on your fridge shelf. Grander is an Austrian company and they restructure water for breweries etc. Chris Pieper sells Grander's products http://www.muddnflood.com/about_us.

I also want to detox my husband from styrene, benzene, ethylbenzene and DDE and there is a post where Desmond gives "disintegrative MW" information on that. 

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