Do a liver cleanse at least every two months from now on!

1. So here's the thing! I've been working to save my health for the past 30 years but it's gotten more difficult as I've aged.

I started Rifing with a digital Rife machine in September 2015. I did everything wrong for the first three months until someone who knew a lot more than I did told me that if I didn't detox before trying to heal then I was on a hiding to nowhere. It turned out she was right. I detoxed for 7 months x 16+ hours in every 24, most of that through the night. My pain and other symptoms reduced significantly but started to return as soon as I stopped. As I was tethered to the Rife machine all those hours every day I had no life…. very little pain, but no life! It's significant that all this time I was doing regular Hulda Clark Liver Cleanses – exactly as described in her book “The Cure for all Diseases” – also the Cleanse can be found on the internet. That meant killing parasites before doing the cleanses.

Then my machine broke and I found Spooky2. I got my life back because I only use the equipment remotely, and I've noticed improvements in many of the things that used to trouble me – the list is too long to cover here but if you check out the symptoms of underactive thyroid (the latest list is very long), I probably had about a third of the symptoms and have had them to some degree for most of my life.

I turned my healing completely over to Spooky and felt so much better and happier because of all the improvements that have taken place - until the last month or so. Then it gradually penetrated my consciousness that the throbbing ache around my liver was back and quite relentless.
I had stopped doing Liver Cleanses when I got Spooky and my liver had clogged up again!

To remedy this I did a Hulda cleanse over Thursday and Friday …. and now the continual ache has gone (and it's only Saturday). I'm an impetuous person so once I realised the state I was in I had to do the cleanse just as soon as possible! To make sure I was ready in the short time I gave myself I used the Clark 30KHz Zapper Remote programme in the Spooky database (to kill parasites) that runs for 17 hours. You can't clean a liver with living parasites in it …. Hulda Clark.

If, like me, your liver isn't an efficient detox organ then I'm now absolutely certain that Spooky does it's job so well that it causes the liver to have to deal with so much more detritus (from dead parasites, viruses, bacteria etc) than it ever did before that it can't help but be overloaded. If you don't get aches or pain then you wouldn't even know it.

The proof that Spooky does an amazing job is that my liver relieved itself of “stones” the like of which I've never had before, several over an inch in diameter (and I've done dozens of these things!) I spent years doing cleanses and then stopped for a decade because one time I didn't feel so good afterwards. I realise now that I had broken the golden rule and forgotten to kill parasites before I started and that can make you feel really, really bad. When I resumed doing cleanses (a decade on) with the advent of my first Digital Rife machine I got some good results but nothing like what I got this week – and it was only seven months since the last one. Hence why I now believe that Spooky does a far better and quicker job than anything else. Note to self: Do a liver cleanse at least every two months from now on!

If you're not healing as fast as you'd like then I highly recommend you look into what Hulda Clark taught so well. She's one of my heroes … along with Dr. Rife, ALL the people who selflessly make Spooky such an amazing tool AND the very patient people who give of their time on this site to help others. My grateful thanks. Sorry for the length of this post.

2. Because of the Epsom Salts one takes during the cleanse to relax the biliary ducts. Remember, it doesn't seem like an 8lb baby could possibly come out of a vagina...but it does (y).

I've also passed my fair share of 'monster stones', and other than a twinge or two, I've never had any significant pain during a liver flush.

3. Tips on the Hulda Clark LIver Flush protocol (learned over the years from reading THOUSANDS of experiences on the CureZone Liver Flush forum):

--Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) works like all magnesium ingested orally, it pulls water from the bloodstream into the intestines...that's what makes 'milk of magnesia' work as a laxative. So don't be surprised if you get quite a bit of bowel action and/or gurgling. (And for heavens sake, if you *think* you need to visit the commode, err on the side of visiting 'just in case'!) On CureZone, folks call it "butt pee" (lol, and it can be very urgent).

--Along those same lines (especially for those with kidney or electrolyte issues), this action can imbalance it's good idea to have some fresh juice 'at the ready' or a lil' electrolyte mix (you can get commercial packets/mixes). An easy/cheap homemade one is to mix a couple of teaspoons (each) of baking soda, natural salt, and salt substitute (potassium based) in a jar...and then just mix a couple of pinches of that with juice (or even water...and a wee bit of blackstrap molasses if you happen to have it). Becoming a bit 'woozy', light-headed or clumsy is a sign that electrolytes could use a helping hand.

-- Even though HC says "no water orally" after a certain time, DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME DEHYDRATED! It is important not to drink anything 30 minutes on either side of the doses of Epsom Salts (as that would dilute the Epsom Salt solution)...but if you feel you need water (or even some juice) - it is better to have it, than to be dehydrated. It will *not* hurt the flush to keep yourself hydrated.

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  • RE:  Clark 30KHz Zapper Remote programme in the Spooky database. Can you give instructions on how to run this programme? Being quite new to this whole process, a simple run through would be greatly appreciated!


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