I would like to know if Spooky2 works for rope worm leaving my body.

1. There is a Frequency Program in the database for the Parasite Ropeworm. This is a large parasite, though, so should be way down on the priority list due to the possibility of creating major havoc within by releasing lots of smaller pathogens when you kill this one...

2. Generally, we want to kill the smallest first, and keep moving up the size chain.
standalone presets for this included in the Morgellons & Lyme Protocol in the 1 February release.

3. There is ropeworm in the Newport preset database.
You can do the Morgellons-lyme protocol
You can run rope worm on a killing setting

For more details, please check the link:

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    Peter Dugel

    I do not understand why you link to pages that keep spooy2 users out of there!!

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