Contact Candida Set for Skin Rash.

I recently had some drastic improvements in about a week on a skin rash that covered my upper back, chest, thighs and arms. I was recently on vacation over the holidays and was consuming loads of sugar and caffeine which I normally don't do. Within a few days a rash broke out and persisted the entire vacation. I got home and it was still there, not going away, so I wanted to try something. "The Cure For All Diseases" notes that yeast is responsible for most skin issues. Given that my yeast was at the skin level, I opted for Contact this time. As for frequency set, I have had good results with a previous rash using the Candida HiPower and LoPower CUST sets before so I started there.

Methodology was to run through both programs once, note the reactions, condense the hits into one program, run that every other day until results are seen. The results of that first run through each set are here:

53940 - Feeling very off, out of it, tired
57420 - Tingling in nose, woozy
99180 - Slight light-headedness
8146 - Hard to describe, felt like slow motion a bit
22620 - Trouble keeping head upright
29580 - Brief stabbing pain in left elbow (exactly where I used to get dry nasty fungus elbow)
31724 - Slight light-headedness
33060 - Very mild woozyness
50460 - Pressure on forehead
55251 - Head/scalp tingly
64380 - Like 8146, hard to describe. Something "off".

Not very scientific terms, but to generalize the reactions: "something is happening to me during this frequency that was not happening before I started". If you're going to try this, I recommend not using the list above but go through Candida HiPower and Candida LoPower one by one and see what you react to. Take careful notes.

A disclaimer: I want to be very clear that this isn't a fix for every skin rash. I got home and changed my diet back to low sugar, low carbs, more vegetables. That could have helped or been the answer to the rash completely. There were likely a bunch of different factors to the immense improvement like exercise amount, water consumption, humidity, etc. It wasn't a controlled experiment by any means. I almost didn't post this but I really need to let go of notions of a perfect scientific experiment; this information should be available to anyone who wants to try and fix their skin.

At the very least, let this post serve as a confirmed list of "hits" for the Candida sets using Square H-Bomb via Contact. I run the program with a 3 minute per frequency dwell, every other day. Sometimes I let the program run through again. Later that night I do a coffee enema to aid with detoxification. I saw results quickly, but the rash really receded in about a week. The settings I used can be seen below (Only OUT1 is used with this particular program, no Boost):

I also had results when running this set through Spooky Central with a frequency multiplier of 5 (on the Programs tab). Not using the Spooky Central preset mind you but a custom one that only uses one frequency... no carrier, no beat frequencies. That preset looks like this:

If you're curious on where the Candida HiPower/LoPower sets came from, have a look at this excellent PDF attached below. Happy experimenting.

For more details, please check the link from:

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