I ran the Terrain Protocol when I was sleeping then woke to my heart missing beats and I feel weak, any suggestions?

The current Terrain protocol has 15 presets in it. You can use the ChainEditor to lower the amplitude of all 15 presets from 5 volts down to something lower, like 1 or 2 volts. This will lower the intensity of the treatment. If you are able to run the entire Terrain protocol a few times at the lower amplitude, you can then raise slow the amplitude to 5 volts later. To make this change in the Terrain protocol, do the following:

1) Make sure you've installed ChainEditor into C:\Spooky2
2) In Spooky2, in the Presets tab, click on \Detox\Remote\Terrain (R) - BY
3) Click the Pencil (Edit Preset) icon
4) In ChainEditor, select all the presets in the left column. To do this, click on the 1st preset in the left column, then in the Edit menu choose "Select All".
5) Navigate to the Signal tab
6) Change Amplitude from 5 to 2 (or 1)
7) In the File menu, choose Save As, and save your preset into C:\Spooky2\Preset Collections\Users\My Terrain.txt
8) Go into Spooky2, find My Terrain under the User presets, and run this

For more details, please check the link:

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