Can I use the: Spooky Central Spectrum Sweep 100 kHz (CUST) or Variable Carrier Sweep 8 hour 100 kHz Centre Frequency (CUST) to fix some persistent coughing problem.

The Variable Carrier Sweep 100 kHz (CUST) is a great choice to target many pathogenic factors.

So is the other one, but I tend to prefer the above over the Spectrum Sweep version.

You could run this once daily for 2 days, then take a day break, and then repeat.

Both of them run for 8 hours, so I wouldn't try to run both in the same day. If you want to run both, alternate between on your daily 8 hour application.

Have a detox maintenance program going on a remote to support you if possible.

Please note that unless your persistent cough is a symptom of a pathogenic factor, it may not be affected.

If it is a result of a pathogenic factor, the two sweeps above have a greater chance of hitting the right frequency.

Since you will indeed target many pathogenic vectors, if you have not yet ran a full sweep before, you may wish to wait a full day before you run again to give yourself 24 hours to see how you respond.

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