How to deal with getting rid of Tinnitus?

1. Yes, fluoride affects thyroid, pineal and many other organs.
Years ago I was involved in sound therapy, using special CDs with high-frequency natural sounds (from nature and classical music) for speech, hearing, processing problems and tinnitus. This helped and often worked, but took time.
Search 'solfeggio and tinnitus' on internet, and you get interesting results.
No doubt some of the ALT and experimental treatments in the Database may be worth considering.
It all about the little cilia or hairs in the ear (forget name!) which get damaged for many different reasons.

2. Settings used for the above.


3. Tinnitus can be caused by hundred of conditions.
Do you have you thyroid working low? Do you have your blood sugar high? Do you have mercury poisoning?
Discover the cause and treat it. Tinnitus will disappear.

Many times the family of Herpesvirus could cause the thyroid to be stressed and this could be the cause, but many other viruses could also affect the pituitary gland, that unbalances everything, causing the adrenal glands to malfunction, raising you fasting sugar levels also.

I would begin with the terrain protocol, and then, with a lot of patience, I would systematically cover the most probable viruses, as herpesvirus (mainly types 1, 2, 4, 6, 11 and 12), papillomavirus, etc. Also Helicobacter Pyilorii and other bacteria could be unbalancing your system, so give them also a try.

You could find presets for almost everything using the search function of the Forum.

Generally speaking, the programs from the database for a certain condition, work only when the condition you have is caused by the same cause that the program was developed for. As an example, if the tinnitus program from the database works when you have been poisoned with mercury, but your tinnitus is caused by your sugar high, then it won't work. That is the cause the programs seem not to work sometimes.

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4. I have had Tinnitus since the age of 9, I am now 61, I would just love some peace and quite.
This looks good, I would love to give it a try, (I do not own a cold Laser yet).

If you have a look at this, it talks about Low level Laser Therapy with red (630 nm) and infra-red (808 nm) Lasers, they do not put the Laser in the Ear, but on the side of the Head where your Ears connect to your skull.

Here is a small part of the PDF with Results from the Laser Therapy.


Here is the download of the PDF

And this is where the Tinnitus Forum talk about the Laser Therapy

The Lasers were placed here by the Team doing the Laser Therapy.


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