How do you know which generator is which in the software?

1. Use Utils menu, Identify Generators command. Generator COM# shows as the last 2 digits of the Frequency. Use the check mark to exit the window.

Also, can set a checkbox in System tab to identify generators when stopped. When clicked, any stopped generator will show COM port #.

2.When I start up I am careful to watch which one lights up. You can number them at that time. Also, after they have started I can pause to have light stop and know which one it is. I gave up on trying to keep them in order. I live in a stormy area and have had to shut things down too often so I use the pause and start. Fast and works and easy. I have 15 generators so I picked easy!

3.I recommend you to click display port number, then the generator display will show which generator is connected to which port:


For more details, please check the link:

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