I would like to help someone who has stage 1 triple negative breast cancer. What viruses are involved in this type of cancer? Please recommend what frequency sets to use.

1. Firstly, is the person you want to help open to what you are proposing to do?

My advice is to follow the Spooky cancer guide.

Also, consider other alternative cancer protocols:
1. Bravo & Rerum;
2. Budwig protocol;
3. Bi-Carb & Maple syrup/Manuka honey;
4. Juicing vegetables and fruits - see Gerson cancer protocol
5. Make a brew consisting of diced Turmeric Root & diced Ginger root, Lemon juice, black Pepper, Manuka honey or next best match. Put ingredients into a medium sized pot, add about 2 litres/quart of boiling hot water, stir and let stand overnight. Drink a cup a day and also eat some of the Turmeric and Ginger root pieces as well.

The Turmeric root is better because it has more punch especially when it's fresh, same for Ginger root.

Something extra I do is put 3 tablespoons of biodynamic organic yogurt into a small glass and add some of the Turmeric root and Ginger root diced pieces from the brew on top of the Yogurt and push some of it partly into the yogurt. I then put a tissue cover on it and let it stand overnight at room temperature. I then eat it in the morning. You could also add other vitamin and herbal supplements as well into the yogurt. Doing this allows time for the bacteria to breakdown the ingredients and makes them more bioavailable.

2.Cancer, breast (1) Human/mouse mammary tumor virus
Avian erythroblastosis virus, with breast-relevant oncogenes 11245493 17875739 17931409 2992089 3754034

Cancer, breast (2) Bovine leukemia virus
Simian virus 40
Human herpes virus 5 (Cytomegalovirus) 18205041 25202681 26332838

3. This is the link of a study that show the microorganisms related with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

For more details, please check the link from:

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