Any suggestions to facilitate ligament growth and post - surgery healing?

1. While I'm still considering the rest of your post, try running 10 Hz on the PEMF coil and apply for as long as you can or until pain subsides. Place the coil as close to the center of the pain as you can -- BN side towards the body.

To load 10 Hz on to the coil, use \Shell (Empty) Presets\Spooky Coil (XM Direct) - JW and add Liver (XTRA). Change the repeat Sequence from 1 to 0 so that it will run continuously till stopped.

More background on 10 Hz, it also was listed under the following before it was consolidated into just Liver (XTRA).

Pancreas, gallbladder, pain, migraine, ADD, alertness increase, nervous system, jet lag, circadian rhythm, hangover, relaxation/mood/sleep, nicotine withdrawal, self-healing, and spiritual wisdom.

When used as a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, it has shown to increase regeneration and healing of tissues.

I have found it to be extremely useful in not only mitigating pain, but opening up blood flow and helping restore health in areas targeted.

In addition, NASA has done extensive testing on the effects of 10 Hz as detailed here:

So use of this on the PEMF coil may not directly target your issue, but should prove to be very beneficial while you continue to look for the source.

2. I'd recommend doing a biofeedback scan using 'Hip Ligaments irritated' and any other related programs you want to try as the basis for the scan. Should only take a couple of minutes and will identify precisely which frequencies could help.

3. It's possible that this is referred pain from something else, like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Enter "pelvi" in Spooky2 search for 28 relevant results.

4. Had bursitis in my 40's years ago. Could hardly walk. Discovered MSM. Take 1/3 cup with applesauce... over many years (Cheap version for horses) and walking well with no pain still in my 60's. Just a thought....Research what it can do; very interesting.

5. Try killing trichomonas vaginalis, chlamydia trachomatis, chlamydia pneumoniae,-Pestis, papilloma and micobacterum leprae.

6. For what it's worth... David Bourkue's post struck a chord with me. I have had hip tightness and discomfort with toxins in the gut and their die-off in the past. If the colon is backed up or impacted, toxins can be absorbed thru the intestinal wall and can affect muscles and tissues of the pelvic region with inflammation and tightness.

For more details, please check the link from:

7. Healing and regeneration setting helped me - remote.
Pain management balance and correction under DH frequencies on contact helped a lot.


For more details, please check the link:

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