I am bloated constantly every time I eat (healthy diet), I am constipated all the time, and I have all kinds of weird sensations in my GI tract. I've lost 35 lbs this year and can't absorb any nutrients, I am weak and I barely get hungry anymore.

1. Cut gluten, wheat, ALCOHOL, like NOW.

2. My suggestion is to always start with Terrain Protocol or if you don't know anything about what may be pathogenic, maybe just start with the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol.

The Terrain starts detoxing junk and making sure the detox pathways are functioning. Some people do just fine with this, while others need to start slower or differently.

If you just start with the M&L Protocol, it does the detox, then starts killing pathogens in an order that is easiest to detox and reduce herx. This may take longer to get to the specific bacteria that are causing gut issues, but maybe not, as if you do things out of order, you can spend lots of time chasing down smaller pathogens that were released when you killed some large pathogen first.

PS - Welcome to the Spooky family . The software won't be confusing for very long, as it really is pretty easy to use now.

3. I would encourage you to go to a functional medicine doctor and get a thyroid antibody test. An underachieving thyroid can cause a cascade of problems exactly what you describe. Then you can use the Spooky to stimulate your endocrine system.

4. In addition to any help you get from Spooky2, please look into Fructose Malabsorption and the FODMAP diet. So-called "healthy foods" can be poisonous to you if your gut doesn't absorb a particular frustose/glucose ratio. I speak from genuine experience.

5. Candida, parasites etc just love fructose! And if you crave those, you probably have these critters too. I have been in your situation and I was suggested by my doctor to cut all sweets, fruits, dry fruits, honey, sugar etc. I kept only an apple a day in winter and a bit of berries - blueberries, raspberries in summer (but a very little bit, like no more than 100gr per day), and sometimes a small piece of 95% dark chocolate that has almost no sugar in it. It was a tremendous help to my health. I also cut dairy products and it was a big help too. You may want to try for a while and see how you feel. (If you cut everything at once might be difficult at first, so go slowly). I also cut gluten products, caffeine and all the junk. I do not drink alcohol but if i did I would stop that too. I use only organic olive or coconut oil. Canola etc is toxic for the body. Basically was cooking my food from scratch. It was the most important step towards my recovery. Spooky will help to clear the pathogens and to detox, but if you keep adding junk into your system it will be difficult to become healthy. You might also need to address some emotional needs that may be contributing to your imbalances, I did a few body code and emotion code sessions that helped me a lot. May you become healthy soon!

6. No fruits in your case and yes FODMAP diet so no apple, if you can resist you can keep berries, but try vermifude and antiparasite worms traitement and you try spooky program's: "intestin" leaky gut, liver1, candida, parasites, worms," etc...

7. I have struggled for years with seriously bad GI problems, and I tried EVERYTHING, fodmaps, GAPS, rotation, elimination diets, no gluten, lectin avoidance, low carb / no carb, cabinet loads of supplements, heavy metal detox, thousands of $ in probiotics, etc etc etc...

And now I gotta share something weird. The only thing that really helped had been rifing and more specifically using pemf! It's so weird but that's what's helped me. The only explanatory theory that I have come up with its that pemf had been shown to be super anti-inflammatory and it is thought that good or beneficial gut bacteria don't implant on inflammed tissue. So maybe using the rife / pemf treatments reduced my gut inflammation allowing more good bacteria to outcompete the bad bacteria?

Also, it should be noted that using pemf at very low frequencies can cause bowel contractions, so it can really help getting things moving. And further, pemf is fda approved for pain reduction, so when I use it on my gut I'm in less pain from eating etc.

The Spooky2 has a pemf attachment. It only costs $20! How powerful it is is up for debate, but it does have one. If you have a Spooky Central it makes the pemf attachment more powerful, but the pemf also works connected directly to the generator. Maybe get that and experiment with it? If that doesn't help I know a few commercial pemf machines that might help.

Also just rifing helps my gi very much, I don't know if that's for similar reasons to the pemf (rife and pemf are close cousins). So rife away, it might help more than you think. I have Lyme and I treat for Lyme with rife, and it helps with my gi stuff.

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