A friend is having really big problem in sleeping/Insomnia for a whole week, he couldn't sleep even one minute for a whole night.

1. One Spooky2 user suggested below programs, after running these programs, this friend has no more problem in sleeping. Hope below suggestion is useful to people in need: First run Liver XTRA in the remote healing preset. Start it when he gets up in the morning and let it run until about 6-7pm, then stop it and run the following until morning, also in the healing preset:
Muscles to Relax CAFL
Calming 4 CUST
Calming 1 XTRA
Akathisia XTRA
Thirty minutes before bedtime, run a second healing generator remotely with:
Insomnia Secondary/Hypoglycemia CUST
Sleep Restorative XTRA

2. It’s a program I wrote and has similar freqs to the sleep induction program. The sleep freqs I use are 1.5 and 2 Hz. The rest are anti mold (aspergilus niger) freqs from the DNA rife frequency website as I discovered its the mold issue that is screwing with my sleep more than anything else. Someone else might be different though, can’t say.
Really works great though for me. 

One thing you might try is 42.7 Hz. It has been scientifically shown to help induce sleep, though not sure why. Here is the study:

For more details, please check the link:

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    Czarek Biesiadecki

    Hi. Just sharing... this preset is extremely effective and works very well for my wife. Thank you.

    \Miscellaneous\Remote\Sleep Induction (R) - DB


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