Does anyone have a good program for glaucoma and cataracts? Should I use contact or remote?

1. Something to consider: Experimental - Using low DC voltage source. Someone told me that using an odd voltage works better.
Source: BNEMeetingwithJoes50c Youtube
- at 53:12 minute mark Joe claims he had someone who was 100% blind and walked out seeing by touching briefly a low DC voltage on the face near the eye.
You must identify the negative lead.

To charge the body you must hold the negative lead first and then probe around area to heal with the positive lead touching briefly. You release the negative lead last.
You may need to repeat daily until problem/eyesight improves.

2. I have used the following from time to time. They may be in the up to date Spooky2 Database (I am using an older version). They are from a reliable source (a Rife specialist I consult from time to time.). All are 3 minutes each in HZ
Cataract 292,30,9.1,60

Cataract 60,82,15.19,87.50,122.06,312.33,532.41,655.20,750,927.10
There are also some in the Cafl book

Glaucoma 1600 (for 10 minutes) 8,80,550,950,53.75,202.5,400,1602.5,1852.5,5000,4500,5000

Glaucoma 76,0.55,0.95,5.29,7.25,32.50,137.50,326.07,490,515.70

3. Basically I used all I could find. Glaucoma 1, 2 and 3. Also Eye Glaucoma and Eyes Glaucoma. I ran the. 2 times each day for 2 weeks.

At first it took 1 hour 18 minutes. Then I had to change computers and added an Optic nerve preset which increased the time. However, the time increased to 2:43. I am new at this and the time increase did not make sense. I have RN the longer one once a day.

4. Eat tons of blueberries. I believe in Rife but blueberries reversed my glaucoma which was inherited.

For more details, please check the link:

5. Thought this info may help. People have had success using Dmso on cataracts. Here is a link to info and the correct % of Dmso to use safely on eyes. They also sell it. If you do not want to mix yourself.

For more details, please check the link:

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