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Doc Hulda's zapper is one of the best to remove viruses but the frequencies are slightly different with Spooky2.

The secret behind the HC Zapper, is that based on its design, it creates a ton of frequencies as harmonics, evenly spaced out.

Consider it like a shotgun. If the frequencies it creates resonates with an issue you are targeting, it will do good work.

However, if the frequencies it generates does not resonate, then it will miss the mark.

The power of a Rife machine is that you have total control over what frequencies you can generate.

Spooky2 can target any frequency from 0.00001 Hz to 25 MHz without loss of power or accuracy. This is a very large range.

Also, since Spooky2 is very flexible in what settings can be used, it can reproduce the output of an HC Zapper.

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