When I run the "All Full System Scan" on biofeedback, it starts at 76 000 Hz. Why is this?

1. There is a mortal oscillation rate to find, hope you find this chart useful.

2. Some more background information for you.

Hulda Clark defined the range that most pathogens live as between 76 kHz and 880 kHz. However, to scan this entire range would take considerable time.

Therefore, what we have done is go with what is termed an octave harmonic range.

Simply when you double a frequency, it is of the same quality only one octave higher. Take the middle C of a piano for example. Double the frequency and you get the next C on the piano keyboard.

So 76 kHz doubled is 152 kHz.

Here's where the magic happens. If you play the Middle C on the piano, it will resonate all other C notes on the piano. So if we scan all notes between Middle C and the next C on the piano, if we get a hit on A, it could be for any A on the piano.

So it is via resonance that when we scan 76 kHz to 152 kHz, we are also able to identify frequencies that target pathogens that live outside this range via resonance.

So effectively, we are scanning 76 kHz to 880 kHz. Actually, in a way, we are scanning all frequencies.

The drawback to just using an octave harmonic range is that, if the frequency returned was due to resonance, it will have less power to affect the pathogen than if you knew the correct range to use. However, if it made your top 20 result set, it had enough power to elicit a powerful effect.

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