Can I repeat the sequence to the desired number of times when I imprint frequencies into water using Cold Laser?

You can repeat a sequence a number of times, but we don't recommend you to do so.
We recommend you to select the program, and you can run a certain frequency for a long period of time. The slow frequencies need longer treatment into the water.

If you are running a low frequency like 7.83hz, you may need to treat for a day even at the low frequency to imprint the frequencies into the water. And so if you have the slow frequency as well as several higher frequencies, you can just put them into one program set, and run them. At the end of the day, you have these frequencies embedded into the water.

There's no benefit in having repeat sequences because the water retains the frequencies anyway, so it would be better, in my mind, to one frequency step to the next, get them in series, then you know you will get them all in there. The water will retain them. And then you drink the water, or you apply the water, then you will be applying the frequencies that have been put into the water. So there wouldn’t be any benefit in repeating the sequence.

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