Can anyone advise me I've done the M&L protocol and 21 capsules of the Hulda Clarke 3 herb set but I still feel the problem on my liver and knee?

Goldenseal tincture for 3 weeks along with 6 cloves of raw garlic finely chopped and taken throughout the day. Same with Oregano Oil and raw garlic. Goldenseal all 3 weeks, Oregano oil next for 6 weeks. Then back to Goldenseal, etc until all gone.

I spread the garlic out and brush my teeth and gums with baking soda. No complaints. I take the oregano oil in capsule form from Gaia Herbs. This has worked so well. Far and above any other protocol. Plus, once it is gone you can discontinue. Only do every now and then to make sure they remain gone.

You may also want to try organic coffee enemas to clean out your liver and bile after 3 weeks of Goldenseal. It took me a long, long time of doing this on and off. I tried Wormwood, cloves and green walnut tincture too, but I really turned my health around doing everything I mentioned for the past 12 mos on and off. It takes times.DE works on the heavy metals and so does the organic coffee enemas. I am so incredibly grateful because now I can sleep again and I am back to running.

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