I suffer from Lyme affecting my nervous system. Also constant OCD, racing thoughts and depression, numbness, agitation and irritation. Has anyone else had success with other programs for these kind of Lyme symptoms?

1. I recommend Medium Medical, written by Antony Wiliams. He hears a spirit, a voice that says there is no Lyme disease, but these conditions are due to the Epstein-Barr virus, the medical world still does not know about this virus. There are nutritive supplements that ucid virus apoi nervii is replenished with other supplements. Find the Medium Medical site, there are lots of information, but the book is very helpful.

2. Put this on one generator non stop in remote healing jw:
-Calming 1
-Calming 4
-Anxiety 1
-Depression anxiety weakness
-endorphin release

3. Depression Anxiety Trembling Weakness
Depression 2
Depression 3
The person found them helpful.
The PTSD treatment can calm, and you don't have to have PTSD to benefit from it.
Some of the Nogier and Schumann are worth considering.

You could run a scan, but you would have to think about settings, remembering that the Graded Scan settings are for pathogens.

For more details, please check the link:

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    I'm a little puzzled here.  The medical community is quite familiar with EBV.  There is a wealth of information on it found in a simple web search.  It is odd to say that there is no Lyme disease and then manufacture a device that has an entire protocol to treat a disease that supposedly doesn't exist.  There is quite a bit of information on Lyme and the associated pathogens.  I don't know if I'd place my trust in a person who claims that everything is from EBV because a spirit told him so (and charges exorbitant sums to tell you this).

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