A lot of Lymies have heat intolerance. What could cause it and how can we get rid of it? Also is there a way Spooky settings can help to replenish the body with a lot of Oxygen?

1. My suggestion is to search the Programs list for oxygen. There are about a dozen results, which you can then choose what seem to fit your condition best. Also, some additional programs may be suggested in the Notes of sets you choose, so you can investigate those as well.

Heat intolerance may be due to the pathogens reacting as the heat causes them problems, so they influence the body to have a reaction so you take it back to a cooler place.

If this is the cause, killing the pathogens and clearing all of the garbage is the answer. Run the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol as soon as possible.

The heat may also trigger toxin release which causes the problems, so maybe initially, you'll have to do a lot of detox to even be able to start the M & L Protocol. You'll have to do as you can.

2. There is a Heat Stress Disorders (KHZ) in database, maybe worth a try

For more details, please check the link:

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