Preset for eyesight to Improve.

This preset is designed to target common vision ailments, including floaters and retinal detachment.

I have been running this preset for over a year now. It makes use a spiked square wave coupled with the 11th harmonic. While most will consider this a healing modality, there are some frequencies that target pathogenic factors; therefore, this is a blended modality preset.
I used a custom waveform setup from JW with good results, so I kept it.

The idea behind this waveform is that the single directional spike generates a magnetic field that is aligned with the field of the strong neodymium magnet. This creates a single offset magnetic barb that greatly increases the performance of the Spooky Remote."

Picture of the waveform setup inside:

Sets in use:

Eyesight to Improve (XTRA)
Vision Acuity (CAFL)
Floaters (KHZ)
Retinal Detachment (KHZ)

For more details, please check the link:

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