Presets for Borrelia.

As some of you probably know, borrelia is a pathogen that can easily ruin your life.
There are near 60,000 different strains and types for this pathogen, and that, probably, is the cause to be so difficult to eradicate.

There are many freqs in the database to fight borrelia, but unless you know the type you're suffering, the freqs apparently don't work. Even if you know the type, there are thousands of strains.
I've been researching about borrelia, and it appears that the key to fight this pathogen could be the plasmids it contain.

It has been discovered that the plasmids are in charge of its malignancy, by taking control of various essential functions, as the reproduction, colonizing power, and the ability to hide from our immune system.

This could be the cause that this pathogen produces different effects on different people, as the plasmids could be more effective on certain persons.

There are many plasmids inside borrelia, but the most common (and interesting for us) are the plasmids lp17, lp28-4, lp36, lp54 and cp26.

These plasmids are virtually on every strain and type, so no matter if you have burgdorferi, anserina or recurrentis, the type you have, almost for sure has some of these plasmids.

I have prepared three presets for deactivating them:
Borrelia Plasmids (R) - MM.txt
Borrelia Plasmids (C) - MM.txt
Borrelia Plasmids (P) - MM.txt
ModSquareDC17 - MM.csv

The preset for remote mode has a dwell time of 4:05:06, and must be used nonstop for a week to see results (this may vary from person to person).

The contact and plasma ones run for 2:09:00, and the duration of the sessions must be calibrated according to the reactions they produce on each individual. If the herx is very strong, lower the number of sessions, of use them every other day.
You can run detox sets on another generator 24/7.
Proper hydration is a must.

For more details, please check the link:

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