My power clicked off today a few times, the remote lights are not on. I paused both programs and turned the generators off and back on and tried to start the programs again but neither remote will light up. What happened and what to do?

What happened is that when power went down, the generators "disconnected" from the USB bus. Since the computer and software is still running, (I assume), the generators are probably not getting the commands, and registering errors in the lower left corner of the software and logging them also in the Error tab.

You may be able to use the spooky menu item Utils \ Rescan Devices to recover the generator connections or you may have to shutdown the Spooky software and restart it, or you may have to completely shut down the computer and disconnect the USB cables for a minute or so, then plug everything back together and restart everything, verifying that Windows sees each generator and loads the driver properly for each, then restart the software to get it to run.

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