I was eating some probiotic yogurt and I got to thinking about bacterial DNA. If we can remotely send frequencies to out own DNA, can we send frequencies to bacterial DNA?  

I didn't have that in my brain when I replied.
The idea being if you could find killing Hz, could you then work to find beneficial Hz to make the "good bacteria" proliferate?

I was considering that if you had LIVE bacteria, then you could determine IF your Remote treatments were actually effective at killing the live ones with the DNA inside the remote if one wanted to do some experiments to find the correct frequencies for killing the different strains.
Otherwise how would you know you had the "right" Hz?

Side thought:
Does that imply a physical shaking/cracking to cause debilitation or cell death of the pathogen?

If so, would a VERY sensitive Pre-amp be able to measure cell resonance using a piezo disc as a sensor or some other device? Would they emit biophotons upon death?

In an isolation chamber, blocking vibrations, heat, sound, and EMF...place a specimen inside, do Spooky Remote frequency trials and see what transpires.

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