Has anyone done before and after testing for heavy metal levels after running the metals detox?

I was correctly diagnosed to have extreme heavy metals poisoning by a professional quality Rife machine about 8 years ago. With this treatment and a detox protocol supervised by a very experienced professional for 6 years was able to get the metals levels down to low. Since starting with Spooky2 two years ago and running a mix of the heavy metal detox and other detox frequencies almost daily, say average 12 hours remote a day, and continuing to use Chlorella daily I have been doing very well. I have been tested on the professional machine a couple of times in the 2 years and it shows that this protocol is keeping my Heavy Metals at the low levels. Because I have the MTHFR detox issues my body isn't able to detox the metals on it's own and I was terribly ill.

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