Using my new generator system and the remote light stopped blinking, is there something wrong with this unit?

We would need to know what state the LEDs took when you say stopped blinking to comment further. On one hand we may assume that you mean they are off, but there are other possibilities I can think of that also apply.

The LEDs do not always blink, at least from our perspective.

Sometimes they will look to be solidly lit (frequency is high), or look dim (frequency very high), or only one may be lit (100% offset), etc...

So details like what you were running will also give us an idea of how they should behave.

Also an indication of what the generator's screen shows will help in determining what should be expected of the remote will help as well.

If they simply are no longer lit, and the generator shows off in the top right corners, then this is also expected behavior, which can be correlated to whether the program ran was a timed program.

Also, one other area to check is in the software, the lower left hand corner, there's a field that shows RE: followed by a number. Please report this # as well.

For more details, please check the link:

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