I'm really worried now for my own health due to smell marijuana. Is there anything that spooky can do for me in this regard?

1. I lived the dorm life for four years, and always felt sick when smelled marijuana, yes no fun. I were still living in a dorm room I would be running an ionizer (get them cheap thrift stores) and also rifing these frequencies below. There may be allot more, ones could think of at moment. A strategy that works for me when not liking a smell, is I carry essential oils with me 24/7 and I put it on my nostrils to smell and behind ears, and rub on wrists. I like young living rose and orange.

Also, another good, one enter "smell" in spooky2 software and these frequencies will come up, to possible help release oversensitivity to marijuana etc...

2. I am also hypersensitive to smells, which started after I had dengue fever. I use hepa air filter at home and I also use essential oils, on my body and also in the air diffuser.

3. My sister smoked tobacco and she got a honeywell air purifier. I went into her home one day and smelled zero smoke. I was amazed. It filtered more than her smoke. You will be amazed by the dirt it filters as well.

4. I read somewhere people who develop high sensitivity to smells have very poor immune systems. It happened to my sister while being poisoned with chemo. Try taking large amounts of vitamins C and D.

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