Is there any frequency that can be used for gluten or lactose intolerance and/or other food intolerance?

1. I see one program for "Lactose Intolerance".

I am currently using the "Hypothalamus Balance" because one practitioner told me this is where the "allergy record" for the body is stored. It seems to help remove the spurious sensitivities.

It won't do anything for the foods that have a scientific reason for causing issues, however.

2. I have great tolerance of seasonal allergies both ragweed and pollen. Also, last year sometime this questions was asked and people reported that after rifing their body seemed better balanced to be able to handle gluten better. I do not ache as bad and get as much stomach and intestional upsets as I did before rifing. So I do eat more gluten though I know I still should stay away from it. What kind of experience have you had? Are you rifing for leaky gut or gluten intolerance yet? I have not.

3. Sometime ago I ran the complete morgellons protocol, even though I don't have morgellons. It took care of my glutten issues. I did it because it seems to cover many things. It was a LONG protocol and highly recommended.

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