Converting Fasciolopsis Buski by Newport to Spooky.

Someone asked me to convert a Newport program to Spooky, Fasciolopsis Buski. Newport's programs are written the the Robin Atelier F100 language.

The program has 5 parts. The 1st part:
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label Buski 
dwell 3000
duty 43.33
pulse 3238 50

This part uses pulse, that is like the Spooky gate, but in this case it's too fast for gating. If Spooky had hardware modulation, we could use that. So to get the pulse frequency in Spooky, we can use the independent Out2, using the Constant parameter. So the first program looks as follows:
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456.3184=3000 F0 C3238

The 2nd part:
label Toxin  # Buski blood toxin, can also use Samento, Coffee Enema or a Becks Blood Purifier
dwell 90
duty 50
vpulse 0.04978707 0 50          # Harmonic (s^-3)

This part used vpulse. For vpulse, we can use Out2 like we did for pulse, but this time using the Factor rather than the Constant parameter:
6767655.5555=90 F0.04978707 C0

The 3rd part:
label Eggs   
dwell 60
duty 50
pulse 666765.6755 0 50     # Unembroynated Eggs - excretes HIV - AIDS if found in Thymus - no crystal
6545555.5555                       # Buski Mucus, Holds eggs and attaches them to the intestines utilizing dyes

For the 3rd part, here is the Spooky program:
6545555.5555=60 F0 C666765.6755

The 4th part:
label Fallout 
dwell 1800
duty 43.33
pulse 88888.4555 50  # HCG
44488.5433 # Soman

For the 4th part, here is the Spooky program:
44488.5433=1800 F0C 88888.4555

The 5th part:
label Urocleidus.similis # Gill parasite, infects Buski, one cause of CFS
dwell 60
duty 50
pulse 0 0

For the 5th part, here is the Spooky program:

Now if all these parts had the same dwell, we could simply add them all to the same Spooky Program. Alternatively, we could opt to change the parts that use duty = 43.33 to use Inverse Sawtooth, since these are killing frequencies, and have the parts with duty = 50 be square, and put these five parts in a single program. But to get as close as possible to what Newport specified, we can have use square wave with the different duty cycles by putting these programs into a chain preset. The 2nd and 3rd part can be joined in a single child preset with duty=50, but the 1st(duty=43.33), 4th(duty=43.33), and 5th(duty=50) part are all in their own preset.

Here is the final results:
Buski by Newport (R) - BY

For more details, please check the link from:

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