Is Spooky2 complicated and time consuming use? Is it noisy? How do you know how many bits / components / which kit you need and what modality to use? Do you have to keep using it forever? How long does it usually take to heal an issue?

By reading through a bunch of the previous threads of this group, you'll get many answers to your questions.

Is it complicated and time-consuming? You HAVE to do some reading or video watching to get at least a basic understanding to put it together and install the software.

With the latest software, there are a number of Presets that help reduce much of the "complication" so a newbie can literally click a mouse 3 or 4 times and be doing something.

How long depends on what you have to do, what condition your body is in, what your other dietary and cleanliness habits are, etc.

Is it noisy? The remotes sing a little and the Central fan whirs as well as makes some noise when gating, etc... There are ways to mitigate much of the noise that is emitted, but many people have no problem with the equipment function without mitigation.

What to buy? How to use? - Much of this is knowing what conditions need to be dealt with and reading some of the Protocol documents for those issues. You can download the software and User Guide to read the protocol documents within the software to get a feel for what you want / need.

You will probably WANT to keep the equipment long-term to deal with little things even after any major issues have been dealt with.

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