What exactly Spooky2 system does with cancer cells? It destroys them? Or removes viruses/ microbes that causes cancer?

1. Spooky should be able to kill or inactivate the virus cells and it may also be able to kill or inactivate the cancer cells. They are different size cells, so would require different frequencies, but Spooky has a large frequency range, so it can handle a large variation of resonant frequencies.

Spooky can also assist in the stimulation of detox pathways and elimination of the waste from the destruction of cells.

2. My thought is that this is unknown in the case of remote because of the difficulty in setting up an experiment.
For plasma, two separate points: (a) it could be both mechanisms, and depends on the frequency used. (b) If you watch the videos from Novobiotronics you can see that they are in fact destroying cells & not microbes with plasma. As far as I know there are no videos to date from them on the approach where microbes are destroyed and then some-time later the cell reverts back to a normal healthy cell. Of course, the cell being destroyed is obviously better for them as it is viewable with the microscope in real-time.

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