I hear a small sound from Spooky Remote, but sometime don't.

Yes, typically you will only hear sounds when a few conditions are met.

1. The amplitude has to be high enough so that any sound generated is also loud enough to hear. Use of 20v amplitude with a boost is the best option if you are looking to simulate sound for your own confirmation.

2. The waveform in use will also have an effect on the sound produced. Use of a more complex waveform may change how well one can perceive any sound emitted. For instance, the Square H Bomb will be harder to hear than a standard square wave.

3. The frequency has to be one that will elicit a sound you can hear. Human hearing is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and typically as we age, we can no longer hear above 14,000 to 17,000 Hz. If your program is all using frequencies above this range, you won't hear anything. Since the remote is not an actual speaker, the response range it has is not going to be the entire range either. A good frequency to use to hear something so you know what it sounds like is 5000 Hz. This resonates well and produces a tone that most anyone can hear.

4. Adding something like a frequency wobble would make it easier to hear sound when the above conditions are met as this causes the sound to change rapidly and we sometimes can hear changes in high frequencies better than one that is static for 3 minutes of time. Again, the frequencies generated would still need to be in range of human hearing.

So if you see the remote LEDs lighting up, but are not hearing anything, consider yourself blessed. Most do not like it when sounds are noticed as over time it can become annoying.

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