I am trying to help a military veteran who has severe PTSD and is oftentimes sociopathic/psychotic. What would be the best frequencies to run?

1. I know tons of Vets with PTSD and some have never seen active duty I believe its from all the vaccines they are given, just my personal opinion. Detox would help huge.

2. If I had ptsd, I would experiment with these frequencies of emotion and spirit.


Clarity of thought

3. Combat Disorders KHZ.

4. EFT would be a good addition to his regimen. Gary Craig did his original work on Vietnam Nam vets with trauma.

5. I have heard that finding a reputable (via word of mouth recommendation perhaps...) regression therapist who works with the BODY memories, can really assist those who have severe PTSD. I am certain that trying everything (not just relying on one thing), including spooky frequencies, and things that will address what the body has gone through will help.

Also, shamanic healing if it is felt resonant may also be supportive as there can be a lot of fragmentation of the spiritual energies where trauma has been experienced, and it just becomes compounded in the energy field.

6. Have you tried a biofeedback scan using the PTSD frequencies? I tried this on myself the other day with amazing results. I don't have PTSD or suffered any traumas (no more than the usual stuff life throws at us) but noticed a significant reduction in my stress levels as I went about my day to day activities.

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