I ran songs of the spine (432) once yesterday attempting to deal with neck, upper back and shoulder pain coming from disc herniations. Unfortunately I am in more pain today. Is this a normal part of the healing process with songs of the spine?

1. Quite often the initial response to healing is more pain. One of the reasons for this is due to the body having to do significant amounts of housecleaning and healing when the user starts to use the programs. The more places where pathogens or toxins are affecting nerves, the more issues there are going to be with pain when the healing starts.

I can't think of any place where more nerves are going to be affected than along the spine, unless it is in the cranium. I am sorry that you are hurting more, but this is a sign that something is happening. It really is too soon to know if it is for better or for worst.

You really need to continue for a week or two to give the body a chance to heal to know if it has helped at all. I really hope your hurting reduces quickly.

I will let you know, that it may be that significant amounts of healing need to happen away from the spine for the pain to reduce at the spine.

2. I think nudging the spine initially anyway can cause pain. It has kind of being sleeping / deadish, possibly. To introduce frequencies suddenly to the spine is serious for some, I think. Take care. It's possible this initial nudging even hasn't yet peaked and will recur with a repeated buzz. So, it's tricky. On one hand, the initial nudging may last a few sessions. On the other, you're worried of course that this isn't what you're experiencing.

Just take it easy with further zaps for the spine, until you get more of handle - a feeling for it.
You might need to adjust how you sit, stand and lie - be aware of your spine &alignment & posture, take it seriously. Also be aware of your breathing and in relation to your back.

When you wake up the spine, it can be a big change initially. It can also be a big, slow change -the surprise as big every time. You may not need many goes on the spine - each one may be pretty seriously effective. You'll see after a while. For now, don't overdo it and rest between.

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