I have been suffering from depersonalization and derealization since childhood. On Thursday of this past week I saw a therapist/energy healer. She said that those were all clear symptoms of Epilepsy/seizure, probably temporal lobe epilepsy.

1. I would say that the cause of your symptoms maybe the presence of microorganisms in your head such as an associations between parasite and bacteria, therefore Spooky2 could be very beneficial for you.

2. Also, liver compromise can cause the liver to be unable to adequately clear various neurotoxins (something in *abundance* when there are also liver parasites whose metabolic waste = neurotoxins)...which then creates a group of mental/emotional symptoms known as "hepatic encephalopathy".

3. There have also been a lot of posts where people ask about emotional healing. Can use the search feature for words like emotion code. And it is amazing what is cleared emotionally when we running the detox terrain protocol and the longer M/Lyme protocol as these clear the body of many things.

4. On another thread, someone said that doing scans on PTSD (and similar frequencies in the database) had brought him a feeling of relief and calm (even though he did not have PTSD). These may be worth considering.

5. Cannabis oil stops epilepsy. Never visit a psychiatrist with its evil drugs. Run from those psychotic medications. Detox your liver and blood. The CBD strains are being used with great success to control epileptic seizures.

6. I had depersonalization from lyme disease, story almost mimics mine, released lyme and depersonalization with spooky2 - Depersonalization and The Psychological & Neurological Effects from Lyme | Natural Pure Living: bit.ly/2jjY4UC

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