Make Your Own New Waveforms!

Please find attached
1) an Excel spreadsheet enabling to create new waveforms and

2) an Excel spreadsheet including the graphs and the figures of the waveforms. I created recently to use the latter, copy the selected column of numbers in the notepad and save it under a *.csv file name in the Spooky2/waveforms directory, then, while in Spooky, trigger a "file/refresh waveforms".

The spreadsheet for making new waveforms is quiet explicit, I let you scrap your head to figure out exactly what it is all about!
The way I do it: once I am satisfied with the wave shape, I try to replace the selected parameters with the closest figures from the golden ratio table.

astroide win12-01xl
WD_modul sin astroid j16-j38

For more details, please check the link from:

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