Can anyone point me to an idiots guide to Base Pair(BP) Frequencies?

1. A Base Pair is a unit consisting of two nucleosides, which form the DNA double helix.
As the BP have a uniform measure, known since 1953, knowing the number of BP contained into the DNA of one pathogen, you can convert that length to an effective frequency to break it down (using the DeBroglie formula from 1924), and thus deactivating its harmful potential.

2. You might try this article, which I found with a general internet search. There are other articles returned as well, but I didn't read all of any of them.

3. Specifically the human BP database is for pathogens that affect humans.
The animal/plant BP database is for pathogens that affect them.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Klaas van der Vlag

    thanks for the info, but How can I get the info of the "number of BP" ........ Does Spooky provide?

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