Does anyone has experience of this skin disease?


1. Looks like impetigo but due to the round shaped patches possibly ringworm. Also google mycosis fungus, has different stages including a plaque stage and is not far off looking like this, have a look at the images.
2. I just remembered another thing Activated charcoal removes interleukin and TNF.

You can try on one nimb/arm a mixture of activated charcoal and coconut oil cover with plastic or so. Check for allergic reaction first (possible to coconut oil but unlike to happen)

Coconut she'll Activated charcoal it held to be the best (just don't buy anything that is not clearly made from woods - there are some made of oil)

He can also eat some teaspoons with a lot of water (separately 2 hours from medicine)

Read about activated charcoal as well

There are similar approaches for bites on you tube, but they use oat with activated charcoal (what should be avoided now!! - as it is mentioned in the book)

3. I too was going to suggest activated charcoal (internally, and externally as a poultice). But do NOT put activated charcoal on broken skin or you will create a very difficult to remove 'tattoo'!

This page is an 'encyclopedia' of information regarding the use of activated charcoal. If you search for 'poultice' you'll find how to make & apply an external poultice...directly to the area, and/or to the liver (which can always use some assistance).

3. Looks fungal which will sometimes produce tiny fluid-filled boils under the skin cycling between that and drying over (someone else also mentioned fungal plaque). With food elimination might be worth going as far as eliminating all lectins, which many people have success with when fighting high inflammation. And, of course, parents would be wise to test home for mycotoxins (ERMI), since that can present a major barrier to healing even if you identify therapies that might work.

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