This is the bottom of my foot. For a couple years I thought I could feel something moving around. A clear liquid comes out of these bulging areas. It itches and burns. Any suggestions?


1. Anyway, we downloaded all the various skin infections from database and scanned using the Graded Scan, but changing waveform to Square, and I think we used Max HRV (but Max BPM should work).
We treated the the top hits, and it went in the end.

2.I used Lemongrass and Sacred Frankincense on my son's foot where he had a planter's wart. Also taping a banana peel on at night really softened the skin so it could open up and allow the infection to come out.

3.Some Doterra user from TW send me this. 12 day of healing with oregano, on guard and tea tree essential oil. So she had this wart for 4 months. She has been to a doctor to freeze it. She went every 10 days for 3 months. Not only it did not improve but it got bigger. N she paid $150 per treatment.

So on June 28..she used diluted oregano on guard on a cotton and plaster it. Tea tree she used on her feet for extra immunity boost. Gradually, she saw improvement. On the 12th day everything was gone!


4. CS will work on most anything viral, bacterial, or fungal. Pretty much anything single-cell. There are some pathogens that do not respond well to using CS but they are rare. Without a specific diagnosis as to what it is, it's hard to know if CS will be able to clear it up.

Instead of spraying, you could try soaking your foot in a hot bath with CS for an hour or so. Might even be more effective using some of the essential oils listed above.

For more details, please check the link:

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    I am a problem understanding?.Do you mean sc as in spooky central or cs as in something else.

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    Steve Quinn

    Hi folks. Philip, CS probably implies Colloidal Silver. Hope this helps. Steve

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