Does anyone have any experience with the "Chronic" Chikungunya? Joins and bones pains are constant for one year now.

I suffered with it just recently. I literally had rheumatoid arthritis with my tendons swollen up. I was recommended the rife from a friend. The first thing I did was run the detox program which is the terrain remote detox. And surprisingly all he pains and stiffness disappeared by 99 percent.

Then I ran the biofeedback and it detected dengue as it the same virus so I ran those frequencies on me. And after that I got the pain back for a day or 2 and I ran the rheumatoid arthritis and various other arthritis frequencies on me with healing empty shell preset. Along with pain relief and a few more I could find. And I'm all back to normal now almost 99.9 percent.

For more details, please check the link:

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