Any freqs to deal with lumps in the side of the neck area? They seem to be cysts/shells for some pathogen/biotechs. I think this is connected to my in-eye ball parasites.

Do an Image search for "candida eye floaters".
I have LOTS.
They look exactly like you described, strands with "dots"

"Lumps" in neck could be Lymph nodes, swollen with chemicals or some thing else.
If backed up they will swell.

Lymph is the Sewer system of your body.
Exercise is what we MUST do to keep the lymph mobile.
Sedentary is an invitation to disease.

So, doing a major detox might help.

Lymph has no pump like blood.
You need to Move!
Trampolines are said to be one of the best to move lymph.
Or if financially reachable a "Lymph massage"
Infrared sauna lamps

Many many herbs and supplements to deal with Candida...many ineffective.

For more details, please check the link:

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