I ran a Bio scan feedback. I couldn't find it after I saved it in my programs. I found 4 Excel files in my Spooky2 main file in the Scan Data folder. Any ideas?

Those files are the raw data files and are not usable by Spooky2 directly after the scan is finished. If you opened them, Spooky2 will try to open it as a frequency database file, and the format is not the same.

You may wish to re-verify that your system is pointed to the default custom database still, and if not, re-open the C:\Spooky2\Custom.csv database.

The results you are after, if saved, will be at the end of your custom database.

The results are physically stored in the file C:\Spooky2\Custom.csv

The easiest way to find them if you can't by name, is to uncheck all databases except CUST on the Programs tab, and then scroll all the way to the bottom.

For more details, please check the link:

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