When I finish using intensive care contact, do I have to unplug the contact and plug in the remote or can I leave them both attached throughout and just determine which is used via the program?

Anything attached to the generator will share the power.

When you have both the contact and remote attached, this is what happens:

1. Using contact, 1/2 the power will be available to contact, and 1/2 will be consumed by the remote. You will get a remote treatment at the same time as you use the contact method, so long as your DNA sample is also in the remote.

2. Using remote, if the contact leads are not touching anything, then full power will be sent to the remote. If you have the contact leads touching, they will then create a short.

While in certain circumstances, the above is viable (provided that enough power is present in the method you are using), it is far easier to just swap the method in use when between programs. Remember that contact requires enough power to penetrate the skin to be viable.

Some protocols will account for the amount of power needed and will indicate if you can leave both connected. A majority of the programs are designed to make use of the full power present for a single method.

You do not have to turn off the generator to swap connections. Just ensure that there is no program running and simply switch the connection.

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