Can AFIB occur when running a cancer preset? This morning I had a massive AFIB attack. Could it have been caused by my running the prostate cancer presets for the first time last night? Is it possible the toxic buildup in my blood caused the AFIB?

1. I also have afib and I was told never to use contact or tens pads. Only remote or plasma. This warning is in the manual and at the forum and was discussed here. This is very serious. I only use remote. You could run a search and find good info about this subject.

2. I would like to suggest using modified citric pectin and magnolia bark for your prostate cancer. Healed my friend and got rid of his tumor. Worth a try it's so cheap and there have been many studies on it.

3. I myself did not have full blown AFIB, have had heart murmurs for years. I stopped this condition by consuming "magnesium". When the body does not have magnesium in the body, the heart may stop working right, and or at all. Since I started to rife "magnesium" and consume magnesium foods, and spray magnesium oil on my body, take magnesium baths, and consume magnesium pills with 5,000 IU vitamin D a day with vitamin K2 (all help each other metabolize together) I have not had any heart problems. I see magnesium deficiency one of the biggest causes of heart disease. The farmers do not know about magnesium and do not put it back in the earth, thus the plants are mag deficient, then our bodies become mag deficient, heart disease is rampant. I like to rife with white top remote and Healing (R) JW preset with frequencies "magnesium, vitamin d, and vitamins that look good, and minerals" These frequencies allow body to become high functioning, allow one to have higher quality of life. More info: Magnesium – the Ultimate Heart Medicine:

4. A *fantastic*, non-Spooky, healing herb for AFIB (and for general strengthening of the heart), is Hawthorn Berry! Always be sure to source certified organic herbs...I like Pacific Botanicals and Mountain Rose. (The last thing anyone needs is herbs saturated in pesticides grown in horrible conditions in 3rd world countries...and those make up 90% of the herbs on the USA market).

I love Hawthorn because it's SO safe (in many countries, it's used as a make jams/jellies, tarts, etc). So you don't really have to worry about "correct dosage"...just get 1/4-1 pound of dried berries, and make a strong tea out of them (you can even eat the berries), and have a few cups a day.

5. My wife's afib seems to have been helped by taking the Electrolyte mix from Alcer. Also several leading integrative docs recommend the "Earthings" mat for heart health, including Dr. Steven Sinatra.

6. Unless one has a tested, specific/known electrolyte issue, I *much* prefer "natural" to help with low electrolytes. Coconut water is *EXCELLENT*.

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