Has anyone had success helping someone with double kidney failure?

1. I haven't needed it, yet anyway, but there are many Kidney programs. The one I am drawn to for this instance is:
Kidney Function Balance (XTRA).

2. A dear family member just has been diagnosed with the same. Stage 4 of kidney disease. I too am very interested in replies. The only thing I have thought of is to run the Terrain Single Step - kidney and liver section. 

3. The one thing we have tried is PEMF and it seems to help lower creatinine levels and raise gfr. We started it around the new year and his girl has raised from 15 up to to 20%. His creatinine has lowered as well. His last few blood tests have been slightly better each time. He had a fistula created for dialysis but the Dr wants to hold off on starting it as long as his numbers stay where they are or better. We have done it once a week at most. A few times we went almost 2 weeks without it. He gets more energy too for 2-3 after the session. I did read that magnetic fields help the kidneys and lower creatinine. We're just surprised to see it work since nothing the doctors do does.

I created a program in spooky2 with the frequencies 100,18,15,10,2. Three minutes each frequency. Run for an hour. I use the JW healing contact empty preset with a square wave. Uncheck the reduce amplitude setting. I run the generator output 1 into an audio amplifier. You connect the coil to the speaker output. The amplitude setting has to be changed to .2 volts in the preset settings. Any higher will overload the input to most amps. I get about 2 gausses from the coil with this setup.

The small spooky coil plugged into the generator at 20v may be enough power to affect the kidneys. Just might need longer sessions. I never tried because I already had the amplifier setup.

4. Try Hyperkalemia ETDFL in Spooky database.
Please report your results.

5. My husband was in kidney failure for over a month with only 1 kidney. A friend told us about spooky and had us overnight Rick's fingernail. In just around 10 days of remote treatment, he was almost out of kidney failure. I did the nephritis settings, kidney detox, normalize kidney functions kidney function balance and several kidney programs. We used XM on the remote. Since we ordered our own XM spooky2's Rick's kidney function has been between 93 to 102 with one atrophied kidney. His create nine went from 3.9 to .8. Spooky works!

6. Right before you run spooky drink 20floz of 1/2 celery juice. And 1/2 parsley cold-pressed. Then run cold laser blood cleanser and ATP Generator along with plasma setting or scan and run with tens over kidneys. 

For more details, please check the link:

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